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Vintage Advertisements from USA

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Cornel University

Cornel University

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advertisement for educational institutions

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Ideas for online advertisements / brochures

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Hundred Years of Indian Cinema – Telugu posters

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Telugu Film Advertisement - 1939

Vintage advertisements ….collected from Internet.

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Osmania University Campus – Hyderabad

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Osmania University – OU – campus is spread over nearly 3000 hectors of land.  Most of the area is still looks like thick forest.

Students from outside and from hostels – even in hot summer spend whole day in the shades of natural parks of this campus. I would like to give a glimpse of this “forest”  situated in the middle of Hyderabad.  This is part one:

Summer flowers – blooming around Osmania University Campus – Hyderabad, India

An exceptional innovative survival techniques of plants. It is large tree – ans there are no leaves on the top or middle portion except on the bottom trunk – where the leaves are very fresh and lively .  Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad, India.

The campus is about 3000 hectors – consisting of huge building and vast open space.  This photo taken  inside the campus – about 200 meters deep. Behind me there is another large building where even in this summer  hundreds of girls and boys sitting under trees are submitting the forms, collecting information and discussing their future plans.

This tree is one  which has got no leaves but only flowers

flowers on top

Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad


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People will talk ad discuss about how movies are faring today but they don’t give any clue to any producer about what kind of movies they like or dislike.

In this kind of situation in the entire world – it is left to the producer to think some thing and invest few millions and produce a movie and leave its success to the fate.

Why not the public or society or these mushrooming social media sites discuss about the culture of movies, idea of movies and what kind of movies thy want – however the idea may be wired or not – why certain discussion is not taking place on the very important factor of our life – Movies.