Unique unforgettable and innovative gift to your lover?

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You are an young man, or just married or may be about to be married or about to celebrate your first marriage day, still – may be you are above 30+ or below 40 and would like to reinvent your love life with your married partner? well, Yes? Tell me…

If that is the case – any gift and any amount of money is always known to every one.  Is there any thing which you can give to your most loving lady and she only can enjoy that gift without even talking about it, but always remembering and laughing herself by observing the gift you gave it to her???

And You too … filled with happiness and pleasure and enjoy the company of her… uniquely creatively – 200% between you two only…

Can you come out with a gift – like that?

Are you sure you are looking for one??? let me know.



Business cards – few more ideas

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FEW more ideas are posted today….






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Excellent photography and excellent flowers

Of Light & Lens

Since I left Longwood Gardens with 300 photos in my memory card, I thought I’d break them down a bit.

If you’d like to see part two, go here!





















I am gonna end this set with my very favorite photo. It is how I wish all of these photos turned out. Everything relevant is in focus, it’s beautifully lit, it’s crisp, and beautiful. You get this because you scrolled to the end of the post!


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Innovative Business Cards – more ideas

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Some creativity is added to the visiting cards … Just samples are shown below ( names are not actual names)

write to me in case you want to experiment with your business card:

another one is here

new innovative business cards

few more below

For a change few more beautiful faces, beautiful hair and beautiful things – A thing of beauty is joy for ever – some poet said.

Grapes are not sour… they are making us to …..   from http://www.ffffound.com

Just love, no Sex. You speak love, express love through your tongue…

Here she is expressing – rather talking in a different way… from http://www.ffffound.com

You need a good camera and you need the creativity… objects are available …

Camera is to bring your creativity on the open. when you do, publish your creativity. Search the web, locate

creativity and give publicity for that.. http://www.ffffound.com is like ocean where

you will find few thousands of images – mostly creative. creative faces, creative love, creative design and creative sex!!

New posts from FFFFound !

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New Ideas, new designs and new faces …..

( I tried to get the details of the original web site links and given the same as image name  so any one can download and then visit the appropriate site.

You will find few interior designs also.

http://www.designtoinspire.com taken from FFFFFound.com

visiti http://www.dezeen.com - taken from fffffound.com

http://www.elleninterirors.se taken from FFFFOUND.COM

www.burningsettlerscabin.com    ffffound.com

Beautiful and fabulous designs and faces

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Beautiful faces and fabulous and fascinating photographs taken by leaders of photography as well as the die-hard professionals are exhibited in a web site which gives immense inspiration to innovation.  Designs, right from business card to interiors to architecture to automobiles – you will find every thing which is special, extra ordinary and totally creative.

Visit Gala Fashion Show click on this link:

Met Gala 2011

Here is the caution: The web site is not allowing any further registrations and to get a invite you may have to shell-down some dollars. I am not even the member of that.

Another caution: You will be addicted to this site, and you will never be able to see all the images in a single calendar year.   I started in 2008 and still continuing even after spending 8 to 10 hours on this site.

Few of the visuals are here from the site www.ffffound.com

Photography and the selection of the face and black background


Would like to know some thing about DOGs

visit this blog

Techie apps for doggie mamas

new interior concepts – for outlets

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